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Media Consultant

Need support to make your project stand out?

New Writer's Group!

A writer's group to read over scripts to receive honest feedback and creative support. Send your interest and contact information to find out more and join the group. 

I'm moving to Hollywood!

What do I need to know?

Trying to decide to make the big move to Hollywood?

As a 6 year resident of North Hollywood, a script writing fellowship winner, with an MA in Scriptwriting and a certificate in TV Writing from UCLA; I would like to share my journey to encourage you as make the big decision - LA or NAH.

Join us to discuss how to make the big move, ask questions and find out if Hollywood is for you.  


Scriptwriting Services

Services provided to allow you create your submission ready script. 


Draft Review

You've just completed several drafts of a TV or Film script and you need someone, anyone to just look at it to see if you got something, anything!

Your manuscript will be sent back to you with track changes on, highlighting suggestions, questions, and moments that are working. You will also receive a developmental edit notes in the categories of Character, World, Plot, Dialogue, and Writing Style.

2-3 week turn around


Final Recap

You've passed your script around several times and have received notes and feedback. Now you really just need someone to weed through the feedback and answer some specific questions.

A 20-40 minute (depending on script length) meeting to review the notes with you to ask questions, and bounce ideas around.

1 week turn around


Submission Ready

Your script is finally done! Now you need a second pair of eyes to dot and cross... someone to proofread your final draft. 

2 week turn around

Current Project

2021 A.M.E. Zion Ohio Conference Christian Education Presentation